This is just a beginning. 

The lovechild of a dreamer (Mel) and a utilitarian (Vinh), HEARKEN is designed with heart but also lightheartedness. Taking inspiration from art, fashion, youth subcultures and 90's nostalgia, we embrace a spirit of rebellion (but with a cause). At its core, HEARKEN is for the free thinkers of the world. As humanity is waking up and learning more and more about how shifting daily choices can help pave a future, clothing consumption requires more thought than ever before. 

HEARKEN was an idea long in the making. One that didn't come without hesitation. Amidst a love-hate relationship with today's fashion industry and facing the realities of adulthood, there was never the perfect time to take the leap. Then we realized, there never will be. One thing is certain - If we are going to do it, we want to do it right.

We may go against the fast fashion grain, but hold an inherent belief that producing quality clothing can and should adhere to social responsibility ethics. HEARKEN is proudly designed and made in Canada. Our on-going efforts include the use of sustainable materials and techniques, small-batch production, domestic manufacturing, and eco-friendly packaging. 

We know we are not alone in our desire to drive change and strive for progress. Our passion for this form of creative self-expression should not hinder that. Just know that like you, we're trying to be better everyday.

Thanks for listening.

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